Networking Commands for Windows


Method 1 - Automatic Installation

This method will install command files into Windows directory ( ex. C:\Windows ). Please proceed manual installation if you want to keep your Windows environment clean.

  1. Extract downloaded ZIP file to any location
  2. Execute "InstallToWindowsFolder.bat" in extracted folder, to install into Windows folder

Method 2 - Manual Installation

  1. Extract downloaded ZIP file to any location
  2. Copy CONTENTS of "tools" folder to your desired Installation location
  3. Add Installation location into PATH environment variable **1

**1: Follow instruction below to configure PATH environment variable in Windows XP

  1. Right click My Computer and click Properties
  2. Click on the Advanced tab
  3. Click the Environment Variables button
  4. Select "path" variable in the System section and click Edit
  5. Add your Installation location at the end of path line followed by semicolon
    example. %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;Your Installation Folder


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 20 November 2007 )