Networking Commands for Windows

User Guide

Type the command on Command Prompt window.

Tips: To open Command Prompt quickly, you can push [Windows Key] + [R], then type "cmd" and [Enter].


iws comand to configure WLAN. Just type "iws", follow instructions to specify interface, SSID etc.。
( Technical background: WMI setting has problem, so manipulate dialog window directly)

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ips command to configure IP address. Just type "ips", then follow the instruction to specify Interface, IP, Subnet, Gateway, Metrics and DNS.


p command to confirm network condition. Just type one character "p" only. It automatically ping Default Gateway address and ( You can change current address to another in p.bat based on your country / ISP location, it should be public IP address of DNS server or else to confirm LAN PC can reach Public IP properly. )



Last Updated ( Friday, 23 November 2007 )