Networking Commands for Windows

Networking Commands for Windows

Networking Commands for Windows is command-line tools for network configurations/operations in Windows XP. No needs for installing any 3rd party components, also developed by Javascript, VBScript and Batch file, you can easily enhance its functions just by your text editor.


  • UNIX's ifconfig and iwconfig like command-line configuration ( ips , ipsdns , ipd , iws )
  • Wizard/Interactive mode when no parameters specified ( ips , ipsdns , ipd , iws )
  • Open Internet Explorer from command-line, with URL parameters ( ie )
  • 1 ~ 3 character length commands for easy execution ( p , ip , ipa )
  • Long duration PING monitoring, play sound when ping interrupted ( pingping )
  • Direct window automation for WLAN configuration on Windows XP SP2 ( iws )
  • Re-send Ethereal/Wireshark captured packets ( sendcap2 )

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP
    • Any localized Windows version supported (Tested on English, Japanese and Chinese Windows)
    • WLAN configuration (iws) supported on XP SP2 only
    • Most commands will be functional on Windows 2000/Vista too, but not tested

Commands list

Command Description
ie IE Launcher
ipd SET to DHCP mode
ip same as ipconfig
ipa same as ipconfig /all
ipc release/renew ip
ipe release/renew ip => open IE
iws Wireless LAN (zero config) configuration (XP SP2 only)
p ping default gw (XP or later) and
** Pls change current addresss in p.bat based on your country/ISP location
pingping continuous ping, display disconnect time, play sound.
pingping-wlan pingping with longer wait time
sendcap2 resend captured ethereal packet (winpcap required)

For displaying command-line help, please run command with /? parameter

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 20 November 2007 )
Version 1.1.0 published
Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Networking Commands for Windows Version 1.1.0 is published.

  • change p command's 2nd ping address to
  • add pp commands ( p command with continuous ping to )
Version 1.0.0 published
Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Networking Commands for Windows Version 1.0.0 is published.